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The Sound Relationship House Theory — Gottman


In the March issue of JFTR, Gottman and Gottman write,

“We call the theory we built the sound relationship house theory, and it is the basis of all our clinical work (Figure 1); to ease communication of this theory to clinicians, each level of the theory is formulated as advice. What is unusual about this theory is that we can measure every concept in the theory precisely in our lab. Because of that, we know how to build each process that we have identified as important. From the start of our research we knew we could predict the nature of the conflict discussion from the amount of positive affect during the events-of-the-day discussion. So we had a clue that friendship must be intrinsically related to conflict.”

Complete paper:  The Natural Principles of Love

Commentary From the Trainer’s Perspective by Vagdevi Meunier & William Bumberry

For trainers, the real appeal of this model is that Gottman method couples therapy emerged from a rich research endeavor of naturalistic observations of couples’ interactions and inductively built a theory and model that took the positive behaviors from “masters of relationships” and combined that with the reduction or elimination of negative strategies from the “disasters of relationships”

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